Live Smoke-Free

This progression is exciting: we will heal and release old limiting intentions that motivate your desire to smoke and are holding you back from moving on.

This will end all cravings in days; bring you to a place of wellness; and contribute to greater feelings of self-expression and completeness in your life overall.


The Progression

You'll stop smoking after our first meeting where we work together to heal its underlying cause:  we'll uncover the root of your desire to smoke and resolve it.

We are in close contact over the following hours and days, and with real-life feedback from you, we'll immediately resolve any further issue that may present, as you quickly become 100% craving-free.

I'll continue to monitor you until I'm satisfied that you are fully craving-free and have zero desire to smoke remaining.

Then you’ll live completely smoke-free for the rest of your life.


The Benefits

You’ll feel safer. You’ll be more comfortable and have a greater quality of life.

You'll have much more energy, renewed vitality and greater sense of composure.

You'll feel more confident, secure, and peaceful.

You'll love it.


Investment and Future Safeguard

The investment is a once-off payment of €500 to live smoke-free. 

This is an all-inclusive fee.

In the highly unlikely event that after this programme you have any further difficulties with your habit in the years to come, I’ll resolve the issue fully, free of charge.

Let’s do it properly.

Let’s talk about getting you better. Reach out. You’ll be very glad you did.