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My Why


My real passion is in healing lives - in particular of addictive habits.

It drives my continual developing of the skills and understandings to progress my clients beyond their current limits to create a resourceful and safe new future for them.

It's me at my best.

About Me

Driven initially by my own experiences, for more than 24 years I have been developing my ability to heal addictive habits.

In parallel with my early studies of elements of psychology, hypnotherapy, NLP and other modalities, I was discovering and developing my own maps of meaning and  my understanding of the healing process.

My intentions in learning then were primarily about healing myself; but as I uncovered more about the nature of consciousness and healing - as I came to understand it -  a love of, and a vocation to helping others became my life's purpose.

That which I have taken decades to learn, I now use to progress the lives of others in just days.

I am hugely ambitious for all my clients.

It is a shared journey too: we both learn; we both progress; we both grow.

It's a very special experience.
I know you'll love it.
Loving intentions,

Clinics: Dún Laoghaire, Co. Dublin, & Victoria Cross, Cork, Ireland.

International Availability

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