Create The Life You Want

Move beyond limiting lifestyles, habits, and behaviours

My 'Why':

My enduring passion is healing lifestyles; moving my clients beyond their current limits; creating life-progression for them. It's deeply fulfilling: it's me at my best.

The most successful smoking cessation therapy I've encountered.

Hi Brian. 2 years in March. :-) I would call it MAGIC what you do.

Brian you gave me freedom to live again. Never in a lifetime did I think after 41 years I could give up.

Let's Get You Better

It’s natural to arrive at a point in life where you feel you want to make lifestyle changes: make new choices; drop old habits; tidy yourself up.

Perhaps you want to stop smoking or heal your relationship with alcohol; maybe you feel frustrated by something you do or can't do.

Whatever your personal limitation, I will create a made-to-measure intensive treatment to heal its cause, and move you beyond it.

The results will be immediate, and better than you can imagine.